Solid and filled chocolate modelling plants

Packint offers complete plants for the production of solid and filled chocolate.

One of Packint's most revolutionary plants is the Mangusta Air line, designed to produce 100 kg/h solid and filled chocolate and equipped with 5 moulds/min for both productions.

This line preserves the traditional modelling process, but is:
extremely compact > no more than 20 m2
versatile > all types of solid and filled chocolate obtained using a single mould
accessible > very small investment


  • Tempering machines

  • Modelling lines from 50 Kg/h to 1200 kg/h

  • Connections


  • Solid chocolate bars
    Filled chocolate bars
    Filled or solid chocolate bars with puffed rice or dried fruit
    Solid or filled chocolate bars coupled with biscuits

  • Solid chocolates
    Filled chocolates
    Filled chocolates with whole hazelnuts