Process plants for the production of spreadable
cocoa-derived creams and chocolate

Packint offers a wide range of complete plants or individual machines for the production of liquid chocolate: real chocolate, substitutes and creams.

The product lines consists of fat melters, pumps, technological pipes, powder loaders, mixers, ball mills and storage tanks. The types of machinery, with a refinement level of 20-23 microns, differ according to production capacity: in batches or continuous, standard or fully automatic and with computerised recipe control. From the aggregation of the raw materials, and therefore the cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vegetable fats, cocoa powder, dried milk and icing sugar, we obtain homogeneous creams and chocolates, refined products with precious fluid dynamic properties.

Our lines

  • SOTU10 - 10 kg/h

  • SOTU50 - 50 kg/h

  • SOTU100 - 100 kg/h

  • SOTU180 - 180 kg/h

  • SOTU300 - 300 kg/h

  • SOTU600 - 600 kg/h

  • SOTU1000 - 1000 kg/h

  • SOTU1200 - 1200 kg/h


  • Liquid chocolate or substitute for ice cream covering

  • Liquid chocolate or substitute for covering snacks, biscuits and wafers

  • Liquid chocolate or substitute for confectionery

  • Creams and spreadable creams